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Advanced Planning, Simplified

k-Plan is an advanced modelling tool for planning transcranial ultrasound procedures. It uses a streamlined and intuitive workflow that allows users to select an ultrasound device, position the device using a template or medical image, and specify the sonication parameters. High-resolution calculations of the ultrasound field and temperature inside the skull and brain are then automatically calculated in the cloud with a single click.

Increased Productivity

Set up planning simulations in minutes with a streamlined workflow and intuitive UI


Study Management

Capture study information and subject details with support for de-identification


Expandable Transducer Library

Model single element, annular array, and multi-element phase-array transducers


Intelligent Compute Engine

Automated image conversion, simulation setup, execution, and post processing


Cloud-Based Simulations

Perform high-resolution simulations on the cloud with a single click


Workflow Integration

Import and export transducer positions and sonication parameters


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